First Nebraska Volunteer Infantry

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References: Below are links to references for upcoming National Events and accurate information on uniforms, etc. to improve your civil war impression.
Military History of Nebraska / From mid to late 19th Century
Camp Chase Gazette / Magazine for the reenactor
Authentic Campaigner / Webpage with information for the authentic reenactor
Civil War News / Periodical about national battlefields and their preservation
The Civil War Home Page


Sutlers: Below are links to merchants (sutlers) that sell uniforms, etc. for people interested in the Civil War Period of American history.  There are many sutlers to choose from, but a word of caution.  Just because a sutler has it for sell, does not always mean it is an authentic reproduction.  The sutlers listed below sell quality authentic reproductions at a fair price.  Even then, it is a good idea to do some research before you purchase an item.
C&D Jarnagin / One of the big outfitters, Carry almost everything
Regimental Quartermaster / One of the big outfitters, Carry almost everything
Fall Creek Suttlery  / Carry almost everything
James Country Mercantile  / Local merchant with ready to wear uniforms, and patterns and cloth to make your own.
Country Cloth / Patterns and cloth to make your own uniform, expensive but very high quality
Missouri Boot and Shoe / Authentic boots and shoes, probably the best footwear on the market today
Dirty Billy's Hats / Authentic hats, a little expensive but excellent quality
Dell's Leather Works / Good site for leather accoutrements like cartridge boxes, belts, etc.
Lodgewood Manufacturing / Good source for muskets, pistols and parts for your firearms.