Today’s 1st Nebraska is a reenacting unit whose purpose and goal is to ensure that the memories of those Nebraskans who served in the Civil War will be remembered and honored.  Members of the unit hail from Nebraska, South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, and Kansas.  Through displays, living history, and battle reenactments the public is able to learn of the sacrifices that Nebraska made during this horrible conflict.

To contact us, we have monthly business meetings the second Wednesday of every month at 7:00 pm in the basement of the American Legion Post #1 at 7811 Davenport Street in Omaha, Nebraska.  You can also contact Lloyd Coates in Omaha at 402-498-0837 or Larry Angle in Lincoln at 402-435-0638.

The 1st Nebraska is a member of the Muddy River Battalion.

First Nebraska is also on Facebook.  Visit our Facebook page for more pictures.